Food sensitivities are a common cause of inflammatory symptoms. These symptoms often are the root to difficulty in losing weight, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, aching joints, and skin disorders. An allergy is a reaction that triggers the release of antibodies that results in immediate symptom onset. A true food allergy causes an immune response that can affect multiple organs and in some cases, be severe or even life threatening. Food sensitivity symptoms are delayed and are typically limited to digestive problems, but they can lead to chronic inflammatory health issues. At Monarch Integrative Health we offer specialized testing to take the guess work out of which foods may be causing your sensitivities, and provide a nutrition plan to accommodate and enhance your health. 


Monarch Integrative Health integrates a comprehensive approach identifying factors to each individual’s weight gain including specific dietary plans, digestive issues, sleep hygiene, stress techniques, insulin resistance, and  hormone imbalances. 

The weight management program is geared to gentle yet rapid weight loss using homeopathic oral drops of Amino Acids of homeopathic HCG.  

This homeopathic weight management support product contains two bioidentical active amino acid chain groups that are naturally found in human chorionic gonadotropin. By providing a clearer and more concentrated message to the body, these two amino acid chains together with the 21 focused and supportive homeopathic ingredients in hA2cg Evolution and optimize the outcome of the practitioner supervised Evolution Weight-Management Program.  

After thoroughly examining a patient’s health history and current health, including the appropriate lab testing, a customized therapeutic plan is made. This may include:  

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Herbal medicines

  • Therapeutic diets

  • Modifications to lifestyle

  • Prescription medications when appropriate

  • Nutritional supplementation, matched to the individual’s needs, is often a key part of a treatment plan

Disclaimer: The Products used in the weight loss program has not been FDA approved. Based on individual need, additional product may need to be purchased separately. The package value in non refundable and non transferable .  Package is good for 90 days.