Dr. Franca at Monarch Integrative Health is an extremely comprehensive, wise and caring Functional Medicine Physician. She is an excellent listener and offers practical and science-based solutions while instilling a sense of hope and confidence.  She encourages and appreciates her patient to be an active partner in their health care.  She is easy to reach and responds quickly to questions and concerns. She digs deep to identify healing solutions that are unique to each patient. In my case, indicators and solutions were overlooked by traditional medical  and non-traditional  practitioners.  Because of Dr. Franca's health care I now feel better than I have for years. She is exceptional in many aspects and I am very grateful to have found her.


Where to start! Bre is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my life! For over a decade I have suffered from chronic back pain that affected pretty much every area of my life. Bre has made all of my back pain go away, and continues to do amazing work time and time again. I had never been to accupuncture before, and was skeptical about it. I had seen chiropractors, massage therapists, and doctors, but nothing seemed to work. I was introduced to her by my coworker and now I trust her with my life. I followed her from her last practice and it was the best decision I have ever made. I thought I was doomed to deal with my back pain for the rest of my life, but boy was I wrong. She is so sweet, kind, patient, smart, and not to mention a master of accupuncture. She knows so much about your body and how it functions, and knows exactly what spots need some attention to help ease your pain and sickness. I convinced my fiancee to go and now we are both hooked. We now live a pain free, happier, more relaxed life thanks to Bre and her magical hands! We will never see anyone else except Bre for this ever again! If your looking for someone to better your life and your soul, then this is the right place for you!

Franca is awesome! She is knowledgeable in so many areas of true health care. She takes the time to get to know you and your health history. Her priority is seeing the patient get better and she has an amazing arsenal of tools to assist with this process. I am so thankful I found her and I look forward to working with her and restoring my best health. Now I can throw away that list of other functional medicine providers I was going to call and interview. None of them resonated with me but the moment I met Franca, I knew I wanted to work with her.


It is refreshing to have a health practitioner that talks to you and not at you. I've been working with Franca for a while now. She's very knowledgeable, thorough and continues to look for answers when needed.

I have also recently been treated by Bre Harrison an acupuncturist and massage therapist for an ongoing tendon/knee issue. After her treatment my knee felt better than it had in 3 months. I would highly recommend her services as well.


Franca cares about YOU. She interviews you until she finds out what is wrong. This may take several hours but she wants to get to the bottom of what your complaint is. She is knowledgeable in many areas including hormones, homeopathy, drugs, accupuncture and nutrition. I suffered with a problem for 18 months begging my medical doctors to find the cause. They kept blowing me off. Franca spent 2 1/2 hours with me and with her recommendations I was healed of that problem in 5 days! Doctors treat the symtoms, Franca treats the person!!!


Bre’s treatments are the best!! Not only is she a skilled acupuncturist with a gentle touch with the needles (I didn’t feel any of them go in) but she also is very good at bodywork. She helped make both my neck and back feel better numerous times. Thank you!


I have met with Franca Gardner twice in the last 4 months and feel I made the right choice for a partner in my healing journey. Her evaluation was thorough and I felt she listened with both her heart and her bright mind. She provided written notes with a clear plan of action. I know the steps I need to take and I feel supported. She was quick to call me back when I had questions. I highly recommend Monarch Integrative Health and Franca Gardner for quality functional medicine.


Franca is an exemplary health care provider who is focused on healing and improving the quality of her patients’ lives. She is brilliant and caring and it is a blessing that I have had the opportunity to be the recipient of her care. Without hesitation I recommend Franca as the health care provider who will heal those struggling with the straightforward and complex ailments and I am so thankful to be her patient!!


Franca and staff have given me pleasant and great attention! After having many many years of antibiotics for sinusitis and 2 sinus surgeries, I am very pleased that Franca found the underlying cause. I haven't had or needed an antibiotic for 4 months (that's a very long time for me). It would have been 6 months. However, I got a secondary sinus infection after a virus. I was also able to get off of a prescription medication for stomach issues. Next, I hope to get off of RX for High Blood pressure medication. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Franca!!! I appreciate how Franca looks for the cheapest, yet, best and safest place for labs too! Always looking out for the patient. The end result is a relief.


Franca is one of my favorite people in the world now. Thankfully i had two people suggest that i go meet her. She is so knowledgeable and thorough that im sure she will help me get to some root causes. Her dedication to be different than other doctors is so refreshing. My endocrine doc just wanted to throw more pills at me and Franca said lets figure your gut out instead. Im a big fan!


If you are looking for personalized, multi-approach care, Monarch is amazing. From treatment of existing issues to proactive wellness, your treatment will address both your current and future well-being based on your needs. The combination of Western, Chinese, and homeopathy has been a perfect balance for me in my treatment of severe and disabling illness.

So many of us don't fit in the standard boxes of the current healthcare system and those categorical washes of treatment fail to help treat or heal us. Monarch is a place where those categories are moot and your care is designed around YOUR case.

I highly recommend Monarch for all of their services, from Franca Gardener's venerable expertise in autoimmune, tick-borne diseases, and full body understanding of health, to Breanna's gift in administering well-studied Chinese medicine in acupuncture, ozone, or simply her amazing touch.

Whether you're sick or healthy, I believe that Monarch offers exactly what all of us deserve as healthcare.


I suffered a knee injury 10 months ago and have since had surgery, physical therapy, many cortisone injections and was put on an anti inflammatory medication. Any relief was only temporary. I decided to forgo western medicine and give acupuncture a shot. I was treated by Breana and she is AMAZING! After only 2 treatments my knee feels better than it has in almost a year! I'm definitely going back again and again!


So glad they opened up near my house! What professional and knowledgeable providers - They really take the time to figure out what's going on with you. I went in with a flare up from a chronic condition, I saw Breana and left feeling 100% better! Happy I've found Monarch Health


This is a wonderful place for integrative health. The acupuncturist Breana is amazing, gentle, and her energy is powerful. She's a eastern medicine master!!   I haven't been treated by Franca but just speaking with her, shows she's extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Highly recommend this place!


First I want to thank you for all your help from your years of study and wisdom from which I’m getting the benefit.  My other 2 doctor appointments this week just highlighted to me how blessed I am to FINALLY be under the care of a person who can name and connect my dots, as well as treat all my dots.  I am so very grateful.  You have found the source of my decades of migraines.  You have diagnosed a sinus infection I have had for at least 4 months, but who knows how long?  You have found evidence of the Lone Star tick and Lyme disease which explains the decades of multiple crazy symptoms.  And if our treatment plan is successful in treating those things, as well as the coinfectors, not only will I get to feel better for the first time in my adult life, but I can get off the steroid eyedrops “they” say I’ll probably be on the rest of my life.  I’ve already said goodbye to the weekly Relpax $150.


This was my first cupping therapy experience and I LOVED it! I didn’t go in for back pain, but more so to help eliminate built up toxins in my body. The tech was incredibly kind and explained everything she was doing and what everything meant really well. Overall the experience was relaxing and enjoyable. I will definitely be doing more of this therapy in the future!


Wow - this place was amazing. I’m going back for sure.


Bree is very caring, professional and thorough. Excellent care.


Franca has worked diligently to help me explore alternative therapies to treat my psoriasis. We have worked on my biome and tried various therapeutic grade supplements. Franca does research about my condition and consults with other medical professionals to help me. She is engaging and authentically interested in helping me achieve my health goals.


I would recommend Franca to anyone looking for someone who really cares about their healing journey!



Franca Gardner at Monarch Integrative Health is a brilliant practitioner. She is warm, welcoming and detail-oriented. She outlines a path toward health that is not overwhelming, but rather taking a step at a time to explore different causes and solutions that others have overlooked.


Franca Gardner is super smart and wise beyond her years. She’s very detailed in her approach to helping you. She is very organized about what specific actions you need to take to make a difference in your quality of life and health. I’ve been blown away by her level of quality care time and time again and her bedside manner is quite rare to come by these days. She is a hidden gem in the Colorado Mountains


Thumbs up to Monarch Integrative! Knowledgeable and friendly with a wide variety of options. Acupuncture is amazing! Bre does such a fantastic job and I appreciate how she does bodywork along with her treatment. I leave feeling like a new person!

If you are looking for compassionate and patient-focused care, look no further than Monarch. Franca and Breanna work together to create the best treatment plans for each individual, and are continually learning about new ways to help their patients. I am happy to have found them and am grateful that we have them in our area.