NES Health provides a complete healthcare system that restores health at its source. Their approach looks at the physics underlying the biochemical nature of the body, using advanced tools to analyze and correct the body's bio-field, which, with more than 30 years of scientific research. Monarch Integrative Health has been trained to support the NES program to helpapproach your health from the key perspective that energy and information control biology.

Frontier science proves that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, we call this the human body-field, and NES have researched its functions and structures for more than 30 years. Allowing our office to share this with you

The NES program will all us to discover the root cause of your physical problems and deteriorating health stems from distortions and blockages in the body-field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function.