Marsia Richards, RN, CST-T


Marsia is a registered nurse who practiced in western medicine for many years, specializing in diabetes, insulin pumps, wound care, wellness and health education. Although acknowledging the abundant and sometimes miraculous therapies provided through western medicine, she knew there were many times a gap in care, preventing patients from complete healing and prevention of chronic disease. She was compelled to seek out other modalities that would help compliment the patient treatment plan and health outcome. After extensive research coupled with her passion for neuroscience, she discovered the expansive and effective modality of CranioSacral Therapy (CST). She found that working with the central nervous system in this gentle approach can free up the body so it can in turn relax, self-correct and diminish pain and discomfort. The list of conditions CST can help are countless but include; back/neck injuries, post-concussion, traumatic head injuries, PTSD, cognitive decline, autism, scoliosis, TMJ, dental/facial trauma, depression, addiction recovery and many chronic and auto-immune conditions. When given the right opportunities and with an open mind, the body is amazing at self-correction and rehabilitation. Along her personal health journey she also discovered the amazing practice of functional medicine which provided an eye-opening awareness of how food allergies and heavy metals play a substantial role in health and prevention of chronic disease. She credits her own good health to discovering and managing her own immune response to certain foods and credits her son's ongoing recovery of neurological tics to detoxifying the body of heavy metals in combination with CST. It was only natural that she found her way to Monarch Integrative Health team. Marsia carries an abundance of hope for your recovery of any disease process and will work diligently alongside you and your health practitioner for answers and outcomes.

Marsia earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from California State University of Sacramento in 1992 along with her Registered Nursing Licensure carried in California and Colorado. She completed the CranioSacral core curriculum and after a multi-year mentorship and study program obtained her techniques certification from Upledger Institute International. She has gone on to enhance her CST training through Upledger's SomatoEmotional Release and Glial Interface curriculum’s.