Monarch Integrative Health (except acupuncture) is NOT associated with any insurance company or 3rd party providers, which means insurance companies are not obligated to pay for services you receive at Monarch Integrative Health (consultations, therapies, treatments, labs, test, etc. as offered).  Our general fees are posted on our web site and it is the patient’s responsibility to understand how they might impact any payment you will be asked to pay ( ).

Our company requires payment at time of service and, if you choose, we will provide a receipt showing that you paid out of pocket.  WE WILL NOT communicate in any way with your insurance companies or Health Saving Plans.  This is not a guarantee that those services provided will be paid for by your insurance company.  Many of the services provided at MIH and/ or by our partners do not have medical billing codes.  For clients that have access to a Health Savings Account, some of your services may qualify for use with that program’s credit or debit card.

We have optimized our business practice to be a cash based business.  We have found it allows our office to run more smoothly and allows us to be more financially stable. MIH expects payment for all consultations, therapies, treatments, labs, test, etc. to be paid at the time they are provided.


Fees are listed under Schedule Appointment, where you can also schedule your appointment!

If trying to book an appointment with an HSA card, please call us to book as HSA’s don’t work with our online scheduler.