What is NADA the Acudetox?  

NADA involves the gentle placement of up to five small sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes allowing the treatment to take effect. NADA ear acupuncture is an adjunct therapy which is clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free and compatible cross-culturally. 

In the mid-1970s, Michael Smith, a medical doctor at Lincoln Hospital, modified an existing system of auricular acupuncture into a simple technique for the treatment of many common drug addictions as an alternative to methadone. This selection of ear points proved to be extremely effective in the treatment of addictions, and became what is now referred to as the “NADA protocol” which stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. Besides drug addiction NADA can be used for PTSD, stress relief, and as part of any detox program. NADA has also been used for expectant mothers, during labor, and after child birth until the baby turns one to help promote relaxation.  

Patients treated with the NADA protocol often report an improved sense of well-being. Clients often state that they feel “energized,” “lighter” and “more relaxed” after undergoing a session.  Dozens of studies have documented the effectiveness of the NADA protocol.  

Would you like to try a NADA session? We will do NADA for groups of four to six, for $10 a piece. Just call to schedule for your group at 303-980-4260.