Treat the Root Cause of Acne

Acne is something very few of us avoid, although it is not dangerous, we do go to great lengths to avoid it. Instead of spending money on every new product that claims to cure acne, think about what could be causing the acne in the first place and treat the root cause. There are several causes of acne. You could have a hormone imbalance especially if you are a female and you notice your break outs happen before your cycle or if you are a male and suspect that you may have too much testosterone.  Another common cause of acne is a diet full of greasy foods, processed foods, and foods that have high amounts of sugar or turn into sugar in the body. Your skin is your largest organ in the body, if you are putting toxins in the easiest way for the body to get rid of toxins is through the skin. Think about this too with drugs, smoking, and too much alcohol.  One that is hard to control is too much stress and not enough rest which throws a wrench in several systems in the body.  Over washing the skin can also cause acne since the natural oils are stripped your body will produce more oil to try and compensate, causing more breakouts. Also be aware of cosmetic products and lotions that may clog your pores. Additionally, take care of your digestive system. If you find yourself having rabbit stools or skipping days between bowel movements you are considered constipated and the food rotting in your digestive track will release toxins no matter how clean the food was to begin with.  

Thus, your first step to clear skin is to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip oils, use masks to absorb toxins, and exfoliate your skin to clear dead skin cells. Your second step is to decrease processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates, greasy/fried foods, and dairy. By doing this you will decrease the amount of toxins that you are consuming, even more if you consume an organic diet. Increase water intake to also help flush toxins from the body. Take a vitamin and probiotic supplement to decrease nutrient deficiencies and to support good gut bacteria. Third step is to find time to take care of yourself to decrease stress. Exercise, meditation, playing with a pet, and laughing have all shown to reduce stress in your life. Creating a gratitude journal can also help you to create a positive outlook. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and allow yourself to nap if you are feeling tired. It is also recommended to change pillowcases often to prevent oil and dirt from seeping into the pores. If you are still having trouble with your acne, the next step is to get your hormone levels checked and an allergy test since allergies can lead to inflammation in your gut.  

While you are doing all of this acupuncture and herbs can help reduce acne by regulating the digestive system, promoting detoxification, regulating hormones, reducing stress, decreasing allergy symptoms, and helping the body to rest. Thus, acupuncture is considered a great adjunct therapy on your journey to clear skin.