Summer is finally here and getting longer hours of sunlight can boost our health and wellness. However, smart sun exposure is the most natural way to prevent sunburn or skin damage. Sunlight exposure can lead to superficial sunburns which also can lead to cancers such as melanoma. It is very important to consider the dangerous effects of ultraviolet light. UV radiation has damaging effects on DNA. 

Steps to prevent skin damage:

  1. SPF does matter. Sun Protection Factor, also known as SPF, is a measure of how well a sunscreen can protect human skin from the sun’s harmful UVB rays.  More specifically, SPF refers to how well a sunscreen protects the skin from turning red and causing the colloquial “sunburn”. SPF 30 filters 97 percent of rays. It is best to use a safe sunscreen and check with the environmental working group:

  2. Activity level: Apply a thick enough layer on your skin and apply more frequently depending on your activity. For swimmers, it is best to choose a more water-resistant type of sunscreen. Considering the amount of time spent outside is another important factor. A sunscreen with a higher SPF will help ensure adequate protection. Both physical barrier and chemical barrier sunscreens are effective in sun protection activities and sports. 

  3. Get a new bottle of Sunscreen every year: After a years’ time it may lose its effectiveness

  4. Nutrition can help boost sun protection: 

 Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that comes from algae, yeast, salmon, trout, krill, shrimp, and crayfish, giving some of these animals their orange-pink color.[9] Astaxanthin prevents the increase in HO-1 that is caused by UV exposure. 

This B3 (Nicotinamide) is an essential co factor of ATP production which is used as an energy source within the cells of our body. Preventing ATP depletion, B3 can increase cellular energy and DNA repair.  These foods include liver, chicken breast, Tuna, Turkey, Salmon, anchovies and ground beef.

Beta- Carotene enhances Vitamin A activity. It has an antioxidant effect increasing defenses against UV light. Foods high in beta-carotene include sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, butternut squash, cantaloupe, lettuce, red bell peppers, apricots, broccoli, and peas.

Vitamin E rich foods include nuts, spinach, whole grains, olive oil, and sunflower oil.[ Vitamin E comes from plants and must be obtained through diet. Studies have suggested that it has antitumorigenic and photoprotective properties with the ability to protect the skin from the sun’s supplement can inhibit the formation of the harmful reactive oxygen species induced from UV light.


CDC recommends:

Using repellents when doing outdoor activities, check for ticks and shower after being outdoors to reduce your chance of getting a tickborne disease. Get medical attention if you have a tick bite followed by a fever or rash.

Before You Go Outdoors

  • Know where to expect ticks. Ticks live in grassy, brushy, or wooded areas, or even on animals, so spending time outside camping, gardening, or hunting could bring you in close contact with ticks. Many people get ticks in their own yard or neighborhood.

  • Treat clothing and gear with products containing permethrin. Permethrin can be used to treat boots, clothing, and camping gear and remain protective through several washings.

  • ET, picaridin, IR3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE), para-menthane-diol (PMD), or 2-undecanone. EPA’s helpful search toolexternal icon can help you find the product that best suits your needs. Always follow product instructions, especially with children.

  • If you work outdoors, find more information about protection at the NIOSH Tick-borne Diseases Workplace Safety and Health Topics.

  • Removing a tick: The longer a tick is attached, the greater your risk of getting a tick-borne infection like Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Powassan Virus etc. The CDC recommend the use of a “fine tipped” or “pointy” tweezers like TICK EASE for tick removal. The use of household tweezers increases the chances of tearing the tick, and other tick removal tools are not suitable for removing tiny nymphal stage deer ticks.

Be Safe and Healthy while you’re enjoying your Summer!!!

WHAT IS  IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Nutrition is the fastest way to replenish chronically depleted nutrient reserves. Nutrient intravenous therapy infuses directly into the bloodstream can be powerful because intravenous avoids issues with oral administration which can cause stomach upset and poor absorption issues which may cause a loss of nutrients. One of the ideal nutrients is Vitamin C.

Vitamin C IV therapy includes numerous minerals and vitamins that help support the immune system, fight infection, reduce inflammation and improve fatigue. High dose Vitamin C therapy has also been used to treat certain cancerous conditions with positive outcomes ranging from improved quality of life to tumor death. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, an important structural component of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and bone. It plays an important role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine for mood. In addition, Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of carnitine which is essential to the production of energy by transporting fatty acids into your cell’s mitochondria. The mitochondria act as engines within your cells, burning these fats to create energy.

Another notable IV therapy is called the” Meyers Cocktail”. Myers’ Cocktail is a formula of intravenous vitamins and minerals that was pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers, MD. The Cocktail includes magnesium, calcium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. This therapy is ideal if you are seeking relief from fatigue, allergies, or muscle spasms.

Antioxidant therapy with glutathione is a powerful detoxifier. Glutathione is one of the body’s most effective antioxidant and detoxifying substances, especially for the brain and liver. Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant and dramatically improves the detoxification and rebuilding process in the body. This IV can be given separately as an IV or as an IV push.

Iv nutrient therapy is a great choice for athletes who suffer from tired muscles, muscle spasms and exhaustion. With IV therapy treatments, athletes can replenish lost vitamins and minerals to improve recovery time after workouts and ensure proper hydration after excessive sweating that accompanies workouts.

Who benefits from IV Nutrient Therapy? IV nutrition can improve energy levels, improve resistance to infections, better visual acuity and retinal health, increase resilience to stress and promote relaxation, detoxifications and improve a smoother skin with better blood flow.

A typical IV takes anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. Make sure you have eaten before receiving IV nutrition with Vitamin C as it can lower your blood sugar. Also, ask if your Vitamin C source is from a non-corn source ie. tapioca or manioc, as many of corn products are GMO.

With IV Nutrient therapy, you can enjoy and feel positive effects on your body within several hours. However, prior to IV nutrient therapy it is important you are evaluated by a licensed medical professional who evaluates your current medical condition, allergies, and possible drug interactions.

Your Emotions May be Blame for Your Health Woes  

I am sure you have heard that the mind effects the body. But have you ever sat down and really thought about how different emotions may be affecting your health? I am going to explain the five emotions in relation to the five elements and the yin organs.  

Let’s start with the emotion of grief. Have you ever cried so hard that you couldn’t breathe? That is because there is a connection with grief and the lungs. If you are morning a loss of a friend, a loved one, or a missed opportunity it might be affecting your immune system. You may notice you are getting sick more often and that your breath has become shallow. Also, you may find yourself waking up between 3am-5am which in Chinese Medicine is the time of the lungs.  The best way to help heal your grief is to actually let yourself feel your sadness. So many time people put on a brave face and are afraid to cry. If you feel the need to cry then cry, express your grief however you need to and whenever you need to. Also practice deep breathing techniques to strengthen the lungs a couple of times a day. A good one is to put your hand on your abdomen and make sure it is raising just like your chest.  

Next, we have fear. Fear depletes our kidney energy in Chinese Medicine. We know that in western medicine someone who has anxiety may have trouble with their cortisol levels and adrenals. The kidneys in Chinese medicine rule the bones, and thus when you are scared your teeth may chatter or you may shake when you are scared. The kidneys also hold your life force, and thus if you are depleting your kidneys you may age prematurely. Depleting your kidney energy can also affect your sex drive. You may also notice that you have to urinate more frequently if you are living in a fear base mentality. Try to shift your mindset from fear mindset to a love mindset. You can do this by starting a gratitude journal, replacing negative thoughts with three positive ones, and letting yourself relax as often as you can doing something that you truly enjoy. Also be aware of what you expose yourself to; watching the news or a drama television show may be stressing your body out without you realizing. Surround yourself with light hearted things until you can break out of the fear-based model. Also be careful how much caffeine and sugar you ingest as this can contribute to fear.  

Anger is the emotion that can come from the liver when it is too stressed. Have you ever been really stressed and then someone does something and out of nowhere you get really angry with them? When there is too much strain on the liver, we may notice we get more headaches, have red eyes, and we will be more irritable. Another example of this is when some people drink alcohol which taxes the liver, they will get angry. I’m not saying that one shouldn’t ever feel angry or it will affect their health. No, it is definitely okay to be angry. It is definitely okay to express anger and frustration as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Yelling into a pillow, doing a cardio workout, and explaining your frustration to someone are all great ways to feel anger. Stress can lead to a disruption in cortisol levels and wake you up at 1 am-3 am in the morning which is the time of the liver. Deal with stress and anger before it effects your health. A meditation practice and exercise regimen will help to soothe your liver and help your body to handle stress.  

Joy is the emotion of the heart. This may be like someone who is a manic phase of bipolar where they are talking really quickly, feeling on top of the world like they can do anything, and laughing a bunch.  If there is too much energy in the heart sleeping may be affected, and they may feel like you do not need to sleep. Another example is when you first fall in love, everything is great and you may be so excited you may find that you don’t to sleep as much. As great as excessive joy is, be sure to rest to because when you are go, go, go all of the time, eventually you will crash. So, in the example of manic phase bipolar you will also have the depressive phase. When you are in love and everything is great, you eventually will have to take time to rest and recuperate. The heart is closely connected to the kidneys. If you have a lack of joy you will become anxious and in a fear based mentality. To balance heart energy, do what you love, spend time with those that you love, but also take care of yourself and treat yourself with self-love. Another thing to be aware of is the pericardium is an organ that protects the heart. In Chinese Medicine the time of the pericardium is between 7 pm and 9 pm. This is also the time that people will eat junk that makes them happy like ice cream and chocolate. If you are trying to lose weight it is best to do an activity you love like taking a bath, playing music, painting, visiting with friends, or going to the park with your dog. Just shifting what you do during this time may allow you to stick to your diet since you are nourishing your pericardium with what you love instead of what you love to eat.  

Our last emotion that effects our health is worrying. Have you ever heard not to eat when you are stressed or worried because it will not digest properly? Worrying all the time depletes the energy of the spleen which in Chinese Medicine is the main organ for digestion. Thus, if you are constantly worrying you are more likely to develop bloating and gas. You may wake up in the morning with big bags under your eyes, feeling fatigued, and like your body is heavy. You will also probably crave sweeter foods like refined carbs, chocolate, baked goods, ice cream, and sweets. This one is really hard to change and balance. You have to stop trying to control everything around you. Change what you can change and forgive what you can’t. I once heard someone say that if you have one foot in the future and one foot in the past, then you are peeing on your present. Crude, but basically saying if you are worried about what has happened and what will happen, then you will be miserable in the present. This takes time and a daily mindfulness practice to stay in the present moment. Also, if you are a chronic worrier your spleen qi will be very weak, and although you may want to eat salads and smoothies to lose any extra weight you will not have the qi to break it down and you may notice undigested foods in your stool. Cooked foods are easier to break down, and your body will be happier if you are making yourself soups, stews, and steamed vegetables. Give your body subtly sweet cooked foods like rice and sweet potatoes. Warming spices like ginger, turmeric, and pepper are great for helping your body digest foods. You may also need to add enzymes to your supplement regimen if your spleen qi is really weak.  

Your emotions will play a role in your health, and you should be mindful of this. Please don’t worry though if you are stressed that your liver is going to fail. I am sure your actual liver is very healthy. Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest medicines still in practice today. It was formed before we had the technology to tell us what each organ does. Instead practitioners observed the body, and observed how emotions effected the patient’s health. Thus, there is tremendous value in trying to be mindful of our emotions and our health, and how we take care of ourselves. Acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition are great ways to supplement other techniques you are using to establish health.  

What is NADA the Acudetox?  

NADA involves the gentle placement of up to five small sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes allowing the treatment to take effect. NADA ear acupuncture is an adjunct therapy which is clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free and compatible cross-culturally. 

In the mid-1970s, Michael Smith, a medical doctor at Lincoln Hospital, modified an existing system of auricular acupuncture into a simple technique for the treatment of many common drug addictions as an alternative to methadone. This selection of ear points proved to be extremely effective in the treatment of addictions, and became what is now referred to as the “NADA protocol” which stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. Besides drug addiction NADA can be used for PTSD, stress relief, and as part of any detox program. NADA has also been used for expectant mothers, during labor, and after child birth until the baby turns one to help promote relaxation.  

Patients treated with the NADA protocol often report an improved sense of well-being. Clients often state that they feel “energized,” “lighter” and “more relaxed” after undergoing a session.  Dozens of studies have documented the effectiveness of the NADA protocol.  

Would you like to try a NADA session? We will do NADA for groups of four to six, for $10 a piece. Just call to schedule for your group at 303-980-4260.  


 As of March 7, 2019, the CDC says during week #9, influenza A(H3) viruses were reported more frequently than influenza A(H1N1) viruses.  During the most recent 3 weeks, influenza A (H3) viruses were reported more frequently than influenza A (H1N1) viruses in certain regions. 

The key to staying healthy is a healthy immune system. Common sense lifestyles  promote health and prevents infection. 80% of the Immune system lives in the Intestinal tract: 

  • Optimizes intestinal health includes proper nutrition. Avoid sugars and processed foods. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids, like warm teas and fresh, pure water will help flush out your system and keep it clean. Start your day with a glass of water with the juice of a lemon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help alkalize your system. 

  • Optimize Vitamin D levels. This is one of the absolute best strategies of avoiding infections. Vitamin D deficiency is a major culprit behind catching the seasonal flu. Ask your practitioner to have your vitamin D levels monitored to confirm your levels are therapeutic at 50-70 

  • Fish oils: EPA and DHA will hinder the replication of the virus, 2grams /day. 

  • Vitamin C: Liposomal Ascorbic acid, 500mg 2x/day. 

Get plenty of sleep, manage stress and boost your immune system with Acupuncture.  

Study after study has shown that acupuncture can boost the immune system and shorten the duration of a cold/flu. Acupuncture can help the sinuses to open up and drain. It can relieve sinus headaches as well as frontal, temple, or occipital headaches. Acupuncture can also help to move congestion in the chest, reduce sore throats, and reduce frequency of coughing. Chinese herbal remedies may also be prescribed which have anti-viral properties to accelerate healing and reduce symptoms.  

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene 

• Frequent hand-washing is one of the best precautions we can take against communicable disease. Don’t waste your money on antimicrobial soaps - they simply don’t work on viruses like the cold or the flu. In fact, the Environmental Work Group reports the ingredients in Purell may be potential causes for endocrine disruption, allergies, immunotoxicity and skin, eye or lung irritations. Simple use a nice soap from a health-food store instead. 

• A Netti Pot is an ancient therapy that works as a preventive measure by flushing out germs, dirt and allergens of your nasal passages. If you are actively sick use the Netti Pot or a pre-mixed Saline Rinse kit more frequently during the day. It will assist thinning mucus and help flush it out of the nasal passage. 

Medically Supervised Flu Protocols 

Ask your Integrative and Functional Medicine Provider or Naturopath to guide you through a Flu protocol. Consider establishing a relationship with these practitioners for a routine physical and Vitamin D level evaluation early in the season. 

Some powerful herbals include: 

Oregano Oil (polyphenol 73%)- Oregano is used for respiratory tract disorders such as coughs, asthma, croup, and bronchitis. It is also used for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as heartburn and bloating.  

NAC increases glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant, by about 30 percent. It helps you fight off oxidative stress and free radical damage, which blocks inflammation and slows down aging. 

Olive leaf extract has antiviral properties and has been found to fight herpes, cold sores, mononucleosis, rotavirus, and possibly influenza and HIV.  

Homeopathics. The Top 3 remedies for boosting the immune system are as follows:  

Allium cepa- This medicine contains a low amount of red onion. It is used for relieving nasal congestion and treats teary eyes. It is ideal for improving immunity against cold and influenza.   

Gelsemium- This remedy is derived from the vine called Gelsemium sempervirens. It treats cold and flu symptoms. Your immunity against body aches and fever get reduced.  

Oscillococcinuim- This homeopathic medicine is also known as Oscillo. This remedy contains a small amount of duck liver and duck heart. It should be taken on the first day when you experience flu symptoms. It strengthens your immune system against germs, which cause cold and related conditions.  

Seek Emergency Help if you have or experiencing severe symptoms these may include: vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, change in mental status such as confusion and difficulty breathing 




What’s All the Hype About Glial Cells?

Glial cells have been in the health press quite a bit these days and for good reason. Here’s a breakdown of what they are, why you should care and when to get support for your glial cells.

What are Glial cells?

There are two types of cells that make up your central nervous system (CNS): neurons and glia. Neurons comprise 10% of cells, while glia comprise 90%. Glia are much smaller than neurons so they each take up about 50% in volume.

Neurons form circuits with electrochemical signals to coordinate complex body/mind processes– we couldn’t function without them and when they get damaged you are very aware of it, like for instance after a concussion.

Glial cells do not send signals across the body like neurons but they do communicate among themselves and with the neurons. One of their main jobs is to support the neurons in maintaining function, health and healing. They are the caretakers of the central nervous system.

Why should I care?

Let’s say you have damage to your central nervous system, like for example, from a concussion or an auto-immune disease. Without a healthy glial network to nurture the neurons back to health, well that would be like a sick child without a mother or father there to give them the support needed to recover and get back to life. Glial cells are also there working hard 24/7 to deliver nutrients, help remove toxins and provide general maintenance to our CNS so we can enjoy optimal health.

When would I need extra support for my Glial network?

Any disorder that impairs the neurons from firing properly is a good time to get support for Glial cells. For example, get help if you are having issues with traumatic brain injury, seizures, Parkinson’s, memory loss, eye health, nerve damage, stress, para/sympathetic response, immune system, gut and liver issues, glymphatic issues, post-concussion recovery, brain cancer or gliosis (scarring & inflammation of glial cells from injury or disease). Glial cells are everywhere in the brain and spinal canal and they can affect a lot!

What to expect?

Glial work is performed by a specially trained CranioSacral Therapist. Since it is not possible to directly touch glial cells, Glial work is done through gentle “Therapeutic Intention” (visualizing, dialoguing and using energy). Average of 4+ sessions recommended.

Homeopathic Pain Injections are the Natural, Safe, and Affordable Way to Manage Pain 

About ninety percent of my patients come in for acupuncture to reduce pain. Some patient’s pain is so severe that it effects their sleep, work, and interferes with their hobbies. They tell me that pain medication either offers a temporary solution or does not significantly reduce their pain.  Unfortunately, the use of NSAIDs, corticosteroids, and opioids can have major side effects which include ruptured tendons, slower healing times, addiction, destroying the lining of the gut, taxing the liver and kidneys, and increased scar tissue formation. Out of desperation patients come to me for help. Acupuncture is great for reducing inflammation, redirecting nerve pain signals, and bringing blood to the tissue to promote healing. For my patients in severe pain who need immediate results I recommend homeopathic pain injections. My patients love these injections because results are quick, and injuries are healed for most with only one or two treatments.  This is because the homeopathic injections reduce inflammation and help the body to accelerate healing. These injections are best for muscle and ligament tears, tendinitis, tight muscles, joint pain, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. 

 One of my patients woke up one day with his shoulder hurting. As the week went on the pain got worse and worse until he could barely move his arm. He needed a quick solution as he was planning on going on a Caribbean snorkeling vacation the next day. He had one acupuncture session with a homeopathic injection. Immediately after treatment, pain was reduced by 70% and he had a greater range of motion. Over the next three days the pain kept on improving until it was 100% better. He was able to enjoy his vacation and his shoulder hasn’t bothered him since. I have another patient with chronic migraines made worse by tight muscles. The injections help loosen her muscles and reduce inflammation to give her relief from her migraines. I have used homeopathic injections for shoulder pain, sciatica caused by tight muscles, menstrual cramps, knee pain, back pain, hip pain, and various sports injuries.  Homeopathic pain injections are worth a try because they offer great results and are safe for adults and children alike. Side effects are rare as it is a homeopathic solution.  Injections should always be performed by licensed medical professionals like our providers at Monarch Integrative Health Center.  


Is Your Pain Caused by Trigger Points? 

 Do you have persistent pain in an area with no known cause? You may have one or more trigger points. A trigger point is a knot in the muscle caused by an injury or by a repetitive motion which elicits pain locally and/or distally which may inhibit your range of motion.   

In the clinic the most common causes of trigger points are from not stretching daily, sleeping wrong, or from past injuries.  I use several techniques to release problematic trigger points. I can use acupuncture which is great for reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow to the area, and decreasing pain. I then use tuina and shiatsu to manually work out the trigger points which release nicely after the area has been needled.  I can also use a trigger point needling technique (also referred to as dry needling) where a needle penetrates the trigger point and then is stimulated to cause muscle twitches which then causes the trigger point to release. If pain is really severe, I can also administer a homeopathic pain injection which will reduce pain immediately, reduce inflammation, and help accelerate the healing process.  Homeopathic pain injections are worth a try because they offer immediate results, are safe for adults and children alike, and side effects are rare. According to American Institute of Homeopathy website, “Homeopathic medicines are prepared through a series of dilutions, at each step of which there is a vigorous agitation... until there is no detectable chemical substance left...the higher the dilution... the more potent the homeopathic remedy.  Thereby is achieved the minimum dose which... has the maximum therapeutic effect with the fewest side effects.  In fact, Homeopathy has an enviable centuries old history of safety in use of its potentized oral medicines among patients of all ages, including babies, children, pregnant and nursing women, and senior citizens.” ( 

If you have muscular pain that will not go away come in for a treatment and we will find the best way to reduce your pain. When trigger points are released expect an increased range of motion immediately, but then there may be some soreness from where the trigger point was release for one to two days after. Once the trigger points are released, patients are advised to start a regular stretching routine to prevent the reformation of trigger points to remain pain free.  





Happy Valentines: during the month of February it is important to pay attention to your heart health, whether you are a woman or a man. Changing your lifestyle right away to ban smoking, walking, managing stress, and adding a plant-based diet can reverse problems before they attack your health or life. To borrow from Ben Franklin, an ounce of prevention (plus a bowl of kale) is worth a pound of cure. It is critical that heart disease be diagnosed as early as possible because there are many dietary and medical treatments that can help reverse the issue.

Heart disease is the leading killer of women in America. Symptoms of coronary heart disease and heart attack present differently in women than men. These signs can include symptoms such as neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or abdominal discomfort, shortness of breath, pain in one or both arms, nausea or vomiting, sweating, and unusual fatigue.

Men are more likely than women to break out in a cold sweat and to report pain in the left arm during a heart attack. In men, angina often feels like pressure or squeezing in the chest. This feeling may extend to the arms. Men have a built-in warning system for silent coronary heart disease. When achieving an erection is difficult or impossible, it can be a sign of clogged arteries in the pelvis that presents before a heart attack happens. There are, on average, three to five years between the onset of erectile dysfunction and the finding of coronary heart disease, which is plenty of time to detect and to work on preventing heart issues.

Broken Heart Syndrome can feel like a heart attack. The most common signs and symptoms of broken heart syndrome are chest pain and shortness of breath. In this disorder, these symptoms tend to occur suddenly in people who have no history of heart disease. Arrhythmias or cardiogenic shock also may occur. Some of the signs and symptoms of broken heart syndrome differ from those of heart attack. For example, in people who have broken heart syndrome (National heart, Lung & Blood Institute) symptoms occur suddenly after having extreme emotional or physical stress, EKG is normal, blood tests show no signs of heart damage, and recovery time is quick within days or weeks.

To prevent heart disease and complications you should know your numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting glucose). Asking your doctor for an EKG or a coronary calcium CT imaging is wise, whether you are a woman or man. Some simple tips to keep your heart healthy include diet, core nutritional supplements (CoQ10, D-Ribose. Acetyl L-carnitine), regular exercise, detoxification, earthing and mind body balance.

CranioSacral Therapy

“The Healing Power of Gentle Touch”

What is CranioSacral Therapy (CST)?

CST is a gentle hands-on manual therapy, safe for all ages, that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction. This improves whole body health and performance and is accomplished by working with the CranioSacral System - the soft tissues and fluid that protect your brain and spinal cord, as well as the attached bones. Few body systems have more impact on your central nervous system and by releasing these tensions it allows the nervous system to perform at its best, enabling the entire body to relax and self-correct. This naturally relieves pain, stress and strengthens resistance to disease.

What conditions are helped with CranioSacral Therapy?

CST complements the body’s natural healing processes and is therefore effective in helping relieve symptoms of a multitude of conditions. A few examples are:

  • Migraines

  • Dementia

  • Post-concussion

  • Dental Procedures (pre/post)

  • TMJ Syndrome

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Autism

  • Scoliosis

  • Neck & Back Pain

What can I expect from a session?

A typical Craniosacral Therapy session takes place in a quiet, private setting. You remain fully clothed as you relax on a comfortable, padded table. The therapist begins by gently touching various points of your body to assess the rhythm of the fluid that is flowing around your central nervous system. This allows identification of those areas of weakness, restriction and dysfunction. Delicate manual techniques are then used to release those problem areas and improve the form and function of your central nervous system. A session can lasts up to an hour or more. Results are typically seen anywhere from 1-4 sessions and can be used alone or integrated with other therapies to create powerful effects. What you experience from your own session is highly individual. The sessions are generally deeply relaxing, creating feelings of warmth or gentle pulsing in the areas worked on.